Personal Knowledge Repository

Welcome to my Knowledge Repo - It's supposed to be a a collection of notes, insights, and resources that I've gathered over my years of academic and professional exploration.

This wiki is my learning journey, a tool for me to refer back to, and a platform to share all that information with others who might walk a similar path to me.

Navigating the Repository

In the AI 🤖 section, I start with the mathematical basics of AI, notes which are mainly taken during my undergrad studies at Imperial, going onto the applications and distinctions of Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL).

The Cloud & MLOps ☁️ section starts off on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem, based on my learning for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification and the AWS Machine Learning Specialty Certification, as well as practical experience I've picked up along the way. Finally, I maintain notes on MLOps, emphasizing Ray - an open-source unified compute framework that makes it easy to scale AI and Python workloads.

The Entrepreneur's Handbook 💰 began as my notes from an elective I took while still at Imperial, and evolved by integrating ideas from various entrepreneurship, psychology and self-help books from over the years. It combines methodologies such as design thinking, lean start-up and agile methodology, explores how entrepreneurial opportunities are discovered, validated, pursued and pitched and ultimately, and (most importantly!) describes the entrepreneurship mindset.

Whether you're an aspiring data scientist, a cloud enthusiast, or simply curious about AI, I hope there's something here for you 😁