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Anyscale Platform

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Anyscale Platform

The Anyscale Platform enriches the functionalities of Ray. Through Anyscale Workspaces, developers are offered an integrated and streamlined experience that enables scaling of ML tasks from personal computers to expansive cloud environments without the need for code adjustments. This platform empowers developers to utilize one cohesive environment for the entire lifecycle of their tasks - from development and testing to final deployment - all while operating within their familiar toolkit. A noteworthy advantage of the Anyscale Platform is its ability to expedite iteration processes, slashing cluster configuration times by a significant 5 times when compared to Ray. Additionally, the platform delivers out-of-the-box features that encompass observability, real-time monitoring, and efficient job scheduling.

Key Features:

  • Managed Service for Ray Applications: Tailored solutions and managed services dedicated for Ray-based applications.
  • Infrastructure & Cluster Provisioning: Streamlined processes for setting up and managing infrastructure and clusters.
  • Observability Dashboards: Comprehensive dashboards providing insights into the performance and behavior of applications.
  • Computing Cost Insights: Transparent visibility into computational expenses, ensuring better budget and resource management.