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Advanced Identity

Advanced Identity

AWS SecurityToken Service (STS)

Provides temporary, limited-privileges credentials to access AWS resources

  • Enables you to create temporary, limited- privileges credentials to access your AWS resources
  • Short-term credentials: you configure expiration period
  • Use cases
    • Identity federation: manage user identities in external systems, and provide them with STS tokens to access AWS resources
    • IAM Roles for cross/same account access
    • IAM Roles for Amazon EC2: provide temporary credentials for EC2 instances to access AWS resources

Amazon Cognito

Create a database of users for your mobile & web applications

  • Identity for your Web and Mobile applications users (potentially millions)
  • Instead of creating them an IAM user, you create a user in Cognito

Microsoft Active Directory (AD)

  • Found on any Windows Server with AD Domain Services
  • Database of objects: User Accounts, Computers, Printers, File Shares, Security Groups
  • Centralized security management, create account, assign permissions

AWS Directory Services

Integrate Microsoft Active Directory in AWS

  • AWS Managed Microsoft AD
    • Create your own AD in AWS, manage users locally, supports MFA
    • Establish “trust” connections with your on- premise AD
  • AD Connector
    • Directory Gateway (proxy) to redirect to on- premise AD, supports MFA
    • Users are managed on the on-premise AD
  • Simple AD
    • AD-compatible managed directory on AWS
    • Cannot be joined with on-premise AD

AWS IAM Identity Center

This is the successor to AWS Single Sign-On. It provides one login for multiple AWS accounts & applications

  • One login (single sign-on) for all your
    • AWS accounts in AWS Organizations
    • Business cloud applications (e.g., Salesforce, Box, Microsoft 365, ...)
    • SAML2.0-enabled applications
    • EC2 Windows Instances
  • Identity providers
    • Built-in identity store in IAM Identity Center