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Data Engineering

Data Engineering

Here's a quick summary of all the services mentioned in this section:

  • Amazon S3: Object Storage for your data
  • VPC Endpoint Gateway: Privately access your S3 bucket without going through the public internet
  • Kinesis Data Streams: real-time data streams, need capacity planning, real-time applications
  • Kinesis Data Firehose: near real-time data ingestion to S3, Redshift, ElasticSearch, Splunk
  • Kinesis Data Analytics: SQL transformations on streaming data
  • Kinesis Video Streams: real-time video feeds
  • Glue Data Catalog & Crawlers: Metadata repositories for schemas and datasets in your account
  • Glue ETL: ETL Jobs as Spark programs, run on a serverless Spark Cluster
  • DynamoDB: NoSQL store
  • Redshift: Data Warehousing for OLAP, SQL language
  • Redshift Spectrum: Redshift on data in S3 (without the need to load it first in Redshift)
  • RDS / Aurora: Relational Data Store for OLTP, SQL language
  • ElasticSearch: index for your data, search capability, clickstream analytics
  • ElastiCache: data cache technology
  • Data Pipelines: Orchestration of ETL jobs between RDS, DynamoDB, S3. Runs on EC2 instances
  • Batch: batch jobs run as Docker containers - not just for data, manages EC2 instances for you
  • DMS: Database Migration Service, 1-to-1 CDC replication, no ETL
  • Step Functions: Orchestration of workflows, audit, retry mechanisms

Briefly mentioned, covered later:

  • EMR: Managed Hadoop Clusters
  • Quicksight: Visualization Tool
  • Rekognition: ML Service
  • SageMaker: ML Service
  • DeepLens: camera by Amazon
  • Athena: Serverless Query of your data